Bearing for Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150

Bearing for Ford Fiesta MK6 ST150

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This Release Bearing is a OE replacement part.


Key Features

  • The release bearing is a small part at the heart of your clutch system
  • Positioned directly around the drive shaft and on the clutch, it is subject to extreme loads with each gear shifting process.
  • Used in models that do not have a hydraulic Slave cylinder set up.

The wear and tear on the release bearing would increase dramatically if it were not replaced at the same time as the clutch, and replacement would be necessary after just a few weeks.

CG Motorsport supply a release bearing with all clutch kits sold that require a bearing. you do not need to purchase this item if you have bought a clutch kit that includes a release bearing.

You can email to confirm if your vehicle comes with the bearing or requires a slave cylinder.


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 Single Mass Flywheel for Honda Civic 2.2 CTDi Just got back home so here's a little summary of the clutch and flywheel. First thing I noticed when I started up was the clutch pedal felt much lighter, I don't know why but it felt 10 times better than with the old clutch in. The gear change also felt much lighter with far less resistance flicking up and down. As Mick explained, you do have to give it about 1500 revs when you set off in first to get off completely judder free. I will say that you can set off without any go at all and it'll do it without issue, just a bit of judder until you start moving. Why you would ever do this is beyond me, no driving instructor would teach you to do it - it's one of those 'you can do it but it's not the correct way' kind of things. Anyway, like I say, setting off is no issue at all and it only gets better. First gear is much smoother both going on the power and off, there's far less of a kick when you lift off. Downshifts in general are noticeably smoother, I've not noticed any change with up shifts, but they're certainly at least as good as with the OEM parts. Everyone who went out in it said it felt quicker than a standard 2.2, even before the new clutch, so the previous owner may have had it remapped. I have no idea as it's the only 2.2 I've spent any real time in. Lastly, the guys at CG are brilliant - really friendly and instantly made me feel welcome and you could tell they're all passionate about what they do, something that's lacking at a lot of places these days. Massive thanks to everyone there, particularly Jerome for doing the work in double quick time. D-Fizzle Forum Member
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 Stage 3 Kit for Fiat Coupé 2.0 16v & 20v Turbo Models Only The best mod I have made to my Coupe so far!!! It allows it to make 350 BHP at the wheel and has not slipped once. PERFECTION
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 Stage 3 Kit for Honda Civic 2.2 CTDi Just been on the Malthouse meet yesterday and a few of us met up earlier at Ainley Top for a blast across the moors. A few modified Type R's, tuned cdti's, and a RS250 plus my CRV. Had just bedded the clutch in with 500 gentle miles running, so this was the 1st opportunity to see how it would be with harder use. Putting down the power with bursts of acceleration and holding it in the gears. The convoy set off with me heading up the rear, and was pleased how the car kept pace with the bursts from the Type R's. The clutch felt fine, no rumbling, nice and fast gear changes, and most of all how the engine was so free reving. Lightening the SMF has made for much better response it feels like a different car. Once out on the open moors decided to overtake the convoy as they were driving slow taking camera shots etc. My CRV felt much stronger pulling out of bends with the engine now not running out of breath up to the red line. For the ultimate clutch set up from CG for the road this will take some beating. Thanks Michael and the team for going the extra mile and doing this for me.
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