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Here at CG Motorsport we can upgrade virtually any clutch drive plate to your exact specs and needs

For over 20 years we have specialised in offering walk in customers a Premier clutch upgrade service at our workshop here in Leeds and now we are happy to offer it to the world!!!

We have made this process as simple as possible so just follow the simple steps for the repair that�s suited to you.

  1. Select the upgrade required
  2. Complete the checkout page and pay for the service you require
  3. Complete the form
  4. Send the completed form and your parts to us.

Example of a upgrade from standard to Dual Friction Disk.


This service is not limited to CG Motorsport products either. We have the machinery and expertise to upgrade any clutch drive plate whether it be HELIX, EXEDY, CLUTCH MASTERS, COMPETITION CLUTCH, RPC or AP RACING.

Our upgrade service usually takes 2 working days from when we receive the parts and on completion the parts are sent back to you with a next day courier.

90% of clutch drive plates can be upgraded and only if there is damage to the centre plate can they not be upgraded. Please see the image at the bottom of the page for an example of a clutch with centre damage that cannot be repaired.

Example of a clutch we can upgrade.


This service is perfect for ;

  • Adding extra torque tolerance to your current clutch set up
  • Upgrading the clutch for a tuned car or new project build
  • Gaining additional power capabilities to an existing clutch set up
  • Modifying the driving style of a clutch that is now for track, drag or drift use.

We only use the highest quality materials when conducting our repairs. The Kev-TEK coating we use is of highest grade and we only use top quality cerametalic pads when resurfacing paddle drive plates.

Estimated torque allowances by upgrade

Upgrading a drive pate only to Torque Allowance increase* Perfect for Not Advised for
Kev-TEK 25% Tuned Petrol Vehicles Tuned Diesel Vehicles
Dual Friction 30% All Road Vehicles All Road Vehicles
4 Paddle Drive Plate 40% Pure Track Use, Hillclimbs. Autograss Road Vehicles
5 Paddle Drive Plate 40% Pure Track Use Road Vehicles
6 Paddle Drive Plate 40% Aggressively tuned & Infrequent track cars Daily driving & Heavy traffic
8 Paddle Drive Plate 40% Aggressively tuned & None-track cars Daily driving & economy maps

*Although torque increase allowance is similar across the paddle range, as a rule select less paddles for more aggressive track style clutch engagements.

This service is perfect for ;

Although we repair parts to �AS NEW� specification, on rare occasions repaired clutch drive plates may not work to their absolute potential if paired with a used clutch cover. Any damage or wear to an existing clutch cover could potentially effect the performance of the clutch itself and this must always be considered when repairing or rebuild a clutch component.

We strongly recommend that customers with a re-programmed diesel vehicle opt for a upgrade to DUAL FRICTION as a minimum as we have had much better results with this material due to the increasingly high torque outputs obtained by tuners of TDi, CTDi and JTDm model vehicles.


£120.0000INC VAT

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